Hey👋, We, @savydv and @kantbtrue are serial maker and creator of PeachBlackThemesfor.appEngigogo and more. Also, we send out a weekly newsletter called Inititator Creator. We’re building Sufferless for those who want to start blogging, sell services or small eCommerce shop and don’t have much capital to invest. 


Our idea is straightforward, we want to create a simple solution for the problem that most of our past client had faced at qdonow themes. A simple hosting with a premium good looking theme at a very stiff budget. It is not just there requirement, in-fact my partner and I used to have tech blogs and we faced the same situation.

So we have decided to solve this problem by simple join all our popular personal and lifestyle WordPress blog theme with a simple hosting plan.

In simple terms, we’re not a hosting provider. We’re just an intermediate platform who are trying to simplify the process of starting a new website. We’re using Digital Ocean along with some other tools to provide a cheap hosting for all.

Sufferless is not for all. It is just for those who are at the early stage of blogging or there website receives less than 25000 views per month. If your website is bigger then this then we recommend you to go for a managed cloud server like wpengine or Kinsta. Sufferless might not a good fit for you.

Our primary goal for this project is to provide:

  1. Awesome looking premium themes
  2. Powerful hosting
  3. Security
  4. Easy to use
  5. help the early-stage bloggers to grow

We are starting Sufferless with WordPress. If you are wondering why WordPress then I would say because WordPress is the most popular and most of the people know how to use it at the base level. Also, it is easy to deploy.

After the initial release, our next goal is to make a platform to automate the entire process.

Also, we will keep releasing the new themes, plugins and updates as they are ready. Let us know what you think, and we would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!

Check out Sufferlss!

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